Navigating Japan: let's make it simple!

Getting around in Japan can initially be very confounding especially when you see signs everywhere in written in Kanji. But not all is lost.

Actually once you get into the swing of things, you will find getting lost can be difficult, which takes a lot of the fun and excitement out of the picture.

All you need are a few tools and you are ready to go.
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Old Tales: Creation of Izu


The story begins a long, long time ago on what was just another day. At this time, the Izu Peninsula did not exist, so when the god of Mount Fuji looked east all he could see was only the ocean. 

As he gazed, the thought occurred to him that perhaps he should create a bountiful land there. As soon as he did, he caused the seabed to rise up. A great red fire emerged from that burned day and night. Finally the burning lava cooled off hardening into the peninsula we see today.

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Jim Parker

Matsuzaki  Port
Raised in Arizona, my life-long embarrassment has been the fact that my Mom gave birth to me in Chicago, a city that I was in for less than few months and know absolutely nothing about. Nonetheless, I have scars to prove that I was there. The doctor that performed cesarean on my mother missed my backbone by just a few centimeters. The scar is still...
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Japan Hit by Typhoon 12: First of It's Type in History!

Kawana Typhoon
First typhoon recorded to have approached Japan from the eastern seaboard and traverse it to the south. An omen of what is to come? Japan experiences many typhoons annually, but Typhoon 12 was the first in recorded history to ever come out of the Pacific ocean from the east and cross to the west. All other typhoons have come up from the south and t...
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